Mac Pro 2019 A1991/A2304 replacements

Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro utilises an Intel Xeon Processor and AMD Radeon Pro Graphics Processor. This generation of the Mac Pro brought back the tower design of the classic Mac Pro but with an updated look, including an intricate pattern of holes to improve cooling that would have people affectionately referring to it as the cheese grater. The Mac Pro retains its versatile features, brings upgrades for the processor and much more.
Mac Pro 2019 Repairs

All Repairs Come With 3 Years Warranty

OS Install

An OS Installation of any version of Mac OS that is compatible with your Mac


Data Transfer

Need data moved from one device or hard drive to another? We can perform a secure data transfer for you!


Deep Internal Clean

Is your Mac running hot? Want better performance? A deep internal clean can help you get the most out of your Mac as well as prolonging its life span!


Software Clean Up

Is your storage capacity full? A software clean up can help free up storage space and increase performance by removing unwanted apps and programs!


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