13" MacBook Pro Retina 2012-2013 A1425 replacements

The 2012 and 2013 13” MacBook Pro Retina come in two models which utilise Intel’s Core i5 and i7 processors. The MacBook Pro Retina brings a redesigned and improved MacBook Pro. It has a high-resolution LED backlit Retina display, a HDMI out port and uses Apple’s redesigned MagSafe charging technology. Enclosed in the updated thinner aluminium case.
13" MacBook Pro Retina 2012-2013 A1425 Repairs

All Repairs Come With 3 Years Warranty

Battery Replacement

If your MacBook battery isn’t giving you the power to last through the day book in for a battery replacement today!


OS Install

An OS Installation of any version of Mac OS that is compatible with your Mac


Trackpad Replacement

Is your MacBook trackpad cracked or not registering gestures? Book in for a trackpad replacement today! You won’t believe the difference it makes!


Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard not registering keystrokes or damaged? Book in for a keyboard replacement today! You won’t believe the difference it makes!


Data Transfer

Need data moved from one device or hard drive to another? We can perform a secure data transfer for you!


Deep Internal Clean

Is your Mac running hot? Want better performance? A deep internal clean can help you get the most out of your Mac as well as prolonging its life span!


Software Clean Up

Is your storage capacity full? A software clean up can help free up storage space and increase performance by removing unwanted apps and programs!


Please get in touch for other repairs!