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Apple Mac Repairs Harrogate

All Repairs Come With 3 Years Warranty

We carry out a wide range of MacBook repairs across nearly all of Apple’s MacBook lineup. Select the MacBook repair you’re looking for from the extensive list of repairs carried out by our team of Specialist in-house Trained Apple Technicians. The MacBook repairs we carry out include screens, batteries and many more. To save you any further hassle we put all our MacBook repairs through our extensive testing program.

We only list our most common repairs on our website, if your Mac is not listed please contact us and we’ll be able to help.

12" MacBook 2015-2017 A1534 Repairs

12" MacBook 2015-2017 A1534

Apple’s 2015-2017 12” MacBook utilise Intel’s Core M processor and integrated Intel HD Graphics. The MacBook’s thin design makes it thinner than the MacBook Air line up and uses USB-C charging technology. It also features a TFT LED backlit active-matrix Retina display. It features Apple’s redesigned Force Touch trackpad and updated wafer-thin aluminium case design.

2010 macbook Repairs

13" MacBook 2010 A1342

Apple’s 2010 MacBook utilises Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor and a NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor. It uses a glossy white plastic body and non-skid rubber bottom surface. The MacBook has Apple’s redesigned MagSafe charging technology and LED backlit display. Perfect for watching videos and everyday use.