Saturday Junior Mac Tester

This is not your usual Saturday job! Gain valuable experience, be a part of a team, contribute to improvements and have a great time doing it!


What's it like?

As a Mac Tester, you will be required to work with various kinds of different Mac systems and co-ordinate with other technicians to efficiently test, diagnose issues, and ultimately prepare them for sale.
You will be trained by our expert technicians on all aspects of our Testing process, covering the entire spectrum of work we may carry out, from the moment the Mac reaches our office to the moment a customer purchases it.
As a part of this role, you will use our custom software for checking items into our system, The Database. This provides an easy-to-understand overview of each device, where you can:
  • Log the results of all tests carried out
  • Mark down repairs to be done
  • Leave notes for other technicians
  • Record any defects the device may have

What are we looking for?

As for qualities we’re looking for, being an individual who is hard-working and eager to constantly improve is a necessity in this industry. Being a tech-based job, the stock you will be working with will be constantly changing and improving as time goes on, so we’d need someone who can keep up with the pace

We are looking for someone who can deal with different situations, even unexpected ones, and handle such moments in a constructive and helpful manner. However, despite any challenges you may face, we want to operate in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and assistance/support will always be offered from other technicians, or from our in-house Helpdesk, TeamHCO. Additionally, our office is fitted with high-end speakers capable of AirPlay, perfect for Apple Music or Spotify, contributing to the laidback atmosphere.

Here’s some of the current staff members who work here as Mac Testers. They are showing you some of the tasks you’ll be carrying out while working here.


Expected actions to be carried out:

  • Testing Macintosh systems through physical inspection and use of specialist software for diagnosis of issues and preparation for sale.
  • Co-ordination with other technicians for troubleshooting or assistance if needed
  • Organising the sorting of delivered parts
  • Repairs, such as:
    • Battery Replacements
    • Keycap Swaps
    • RAM upgrades and replacements
  • Cleaning of devices ready for sale
  • Packing of Macs to be sent out to customers

And for this role, we expect you to be:

  • Prepared to work as a part of a team
  • Attentive and have an eye for detail
  • Personable, friendly and approachable
  • Punctual, every week

Whilst not necessary, the following would be nice to have:

  • A good existing knowledge of Macintosh systems (or Apple on the whole)
  • Previous experience with computer systems in general (like PC building)
  • Study experience of Computer Science/Computing within school/college
  • A good sense of humour

Fancy joining the team?