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iPhone 11 Pro LCD Screen Replacement


Our iPhone screen replacements include the full-screen unit, which means that both the glass layer and display below are both replaced.

Our LCD screen replacements are reprogrammed to ensure you keep all of the iPhone’s features like True Tone. The way in which we carry out this repair allows for Face ID to still works as intended. Why wait? Book in for this repair today!

We have LCD screens that we offer for a lower price point and then we also offer superior quality OLED screens. The difference in price reflects the quality of the screens, LCDs work as you would expect but cannot achieve the colour accuracy responsiveness, or power efficiency of OLED screens.

OLED screens will just always outperform an LCD and that’s why we always recommend fitting them if you can afford the extra. We wanted to offer a price point for everyone and you still get 3 years warranty on both so the choice is yours.

For complete peace of mind, this repair comes with 3 years warranty and our prices include VAT and fitting. To save you any further hassle one of our trained, in-house technicians will put your iPhone through our extensive testing program before certifying your device for collection. This means the repair should take around 1 to 3 hours to complete.