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With our software tune up for your Mac we’ll remove the unnecessary applications and trackers running in the background. This can make a noticeable difference to the speed of your Mac. 

Software Tune Up Offer

Our software tune ups can increase performance by removing unwanted applications running in the background.



About Us

Howard Conrad was created in 2012 with the vision to restore the reputation of independent Apple repair specialists. In order to achieve our vision – we only fit the highest possible quality parts backed by an industry-leading 3 year warranty.

35,000 repairs later, Howard Conrad has established itself a county-wide reputation as Yorkshire’s best independent Apple repair centre. We are committed to growing the team to include passionate highly trained technicians interested in providing the highest standard of repair alongside the very best customer service, we now have 5 team members, with over 27 years’ combined experience repairing Apple products.

What Makes Us Different?

Our technicians are specially trained in their respective repairs. That’s why when you have a device repaired at Howard Conrad, you are likely to speak to a specialist Mac or iOS technician, depending on your device. This means the technician who works with your device will be familiar with every stage of the process, and you won’t be left with missing screws or forgotten parts by somebody who hasn’t repaired your device before.

We can offer a great service because we don’t compromise with our repairs. Quality parts are a key difference between good and bad repairs. We carefully curate the best parts possible, using high quality parts where possible or if these are not available, we will use like-for-like quality parts, often distributed by the original manufacturer. Quality parts are less likely to fail or suffer from compatibility issues compared to cheaper alternatives.

We always use the correct tools for the job and we don’t cut corners. For example, using a high quality screw driver reduces the likelihood of rounded screws which can’t be removed in future. Using cheap adhesives or reusing existing adhesive is commonplace for some repair shops, but this results in screens coming away prematurely or parts becoming loose inside.  We go the extra mile to replace the adhesive every time with a quality replacement. Our most recent addition to our repair tool portfolio is utilising a laser separation machine to remove the back glass from iPhones instead of a heat gun to ensure a refined finish when the new glass is attached.

Our Mission

We are confident our repairs will leave you satisfied. That’s why we offer three years warranty on all repairs. We offer a wide range of Apple repairs from component level repairs on logic boards, to battery replacements or virus removal. We also cover a huge range of Apple devices from the new iPad Pros to older devices such as PowerBooks, including the “vintage” devices Apple won’t service.

Committing to the principle of quality repairs and outstanding customer service, we are looking to expand into new territories and new premises across the North of England as we continue our mission to be the top independent Apple repair service not just in Harrogate or Yorkshire, but across England.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our level of service. But don’t just take our word for it, we have hundreds of 5-star reviews across Facebook, Google and more.