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Our 1-to-1 support offers specialised Apple advice and support with one of our in-house trained technicians at our premises on Leeds Road. We are dedicated to helping and offering solutions to all our customers with the opportunity to get specialised support for a wide range of issues.

As Apple specialists, we can help with a wide variety of Apple-related issues such as email problems, iCloud issues, software bugs, virus/malware concerns etc.

You will need to submit the form at the bottom of this page for this service as we need to ensure a suitable technician is available for you. We are unable to offer this service without a confirmed appointment. 

Submit your booking using the form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you with our next available times.

Specialised Apple Support

We can assist you with a wide range of Apple-related issues such as:

Malware and security issues

Setting up new devices and iCloud accounts

General software issues

Mail and password issues

General Apple training

What to expect from your 1-to-1 session

Once you have filled out the form at the bottom of this page the 1-to-1 session time and date will be confirmed in advance with you. This means that the technician can make sure that we have everything in place to offer the correct support.

The technician will re-confirm the issue at the start of the session and then take you through resolving the issue. You’re welcome to ask questions at any time, you can also ask the technician to go over any areas again to make sure you understand. 

Once the session is finished, you’ll sign a quick form to confirm what we have gone through and we’ll take payment on a card machine. 

We will try our best to resolve issues efficiently as possible for you, but with the nature of iCloud accounts, email accounts etc this is not always realistically possible. We will try to inform you of any potential issues before we start the session.


What to bring with you

Please bring any Apple devices that you’re having issues with such as your iPad. If you’re having iCloud issues it maybe useful to bring all the devices that use that use your iCloud account.

If we are looking into password or things like email issues, please make sure you have access to all of your relevant passwords.

Feel feel to bring in your own notepad and pen to make any notes for your own personal future use.


The cost of the service

The sessions are charged at £39 for the first 30 minutes (this is our minimum charge), then £15 per 15 minutes afterwards. Prices include VAT, and you can pay using the same methods as any of our other repairs eg card.

Any required follow up sessions will be charged at the standard rate.


What we don't carry out in our sessions

We are unable to ring any companies on your behalf such as Google and Microsoft. 

We won’t login to any types of online banking or send any monetary payments on your behalf. 

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