Howard Conrad Repair Terms and Conditions

Data loss is a minor risk associated with the repair; all devices should be backed up beforehand. While we take precautions to prevent such an occurrence from happening, we are not responsible for the safety of your data.

Our warranty on all of our repairs is 3 years unless stated otherwise – this is a technical warranty that only applies to parts fitted by us. If the parts fitted become cosmetically damaged after collection, and become faulty we may fit a replacement part of the same grade under warranty.

Accidental damage, liquid damage, and any tampering or unsolicited repairs will void the warranty (The device will have warranty stickers installed to prevent tampering). Any other contributing factors might be relevant such as physical damage to the chassis but this is ultimately down to the technician’s discretion. Where parts are replaced under warranty the condition of the original part will be taken into consideration, parts that show signs of use will be replaced under a like-for-like condition policy, they will be fully working but will show similar signs of use in line with the part they are replacing.
Our batteries are covered by our 3-year warranty but as they are consumable components you could exceed the limitations of the warranty through heavy or improper use. A battery will only be replaced under warranty if the design capacity drops below 70% and the cycle count has not exceeded 700 cycles. Anything outside of the parameters will not be replaced under warranty as the battery has naturally reached the end of its life cycle.
Quality parts are a key difference between good and bad repairs. We carefully curate the best parts possible, using high quality parts where possible or if these are not available, we will use like-for-like quality parts, often distributed by the original manufacturer. Quality parts are less likely to fail or suffer from compatibility issues compared to cheaper alternatives.
Liquid damage devices that require sonic bath treatment are done so at the customer’s own risk. This service is offered as a last resort and comes with no warranty, we advise you to consider all alternative options. The price of £99 is for the process whether successful or not.
We have limited storage and ask you to not leave your items for an unreasonable amount of time. After 30 days we will charge you a storage fee of £35, should it go beyond 60 days we will legally seek to procure the item. Once the item has been procured, we will wipe the data, this invalidates any claims under the £10,000 data protection privacy guarantee.

We charge £25 for a standard investigation but some situations may require additional charges due to the complexity of the issue, fees are applied at the discretion of the technician or technicians who are handling the device in question.  This fee is to cover the time taken to troubleshoot issues and ensure the issues are assessed fully. Any parts fitted to devices with pre-existing liquid damage will be covered under warranty, this covers the part only and no further issues as a result of the exposure to liquid. Any issues that are not related to the part post repair can be attributed to the liquid damage and not failings in the parts fitted by us.
We cannot guarantee the water or dust resistance of any device repaired. All countermeasures applied by apple are replaced but we don’t have the means to confirm the resistance of the device and do not take responsibility for any further issues caused by liquid or dust ingress. 

We provide our services in an effort to fix, upgrade, or otherwise repair the device for which you request such services. In the unlikely case of accidental damage to the device or data, further damage or data loss caused by already existing problems in your system such as viruses, misconfigured software, or hardware problems/failures We cannot be held responsible for the following:

Loss or corruption of data, files, information, or records;
Any loss of business goodwill
Any losses attributed to the interruption to business activity while equipment is out of service for repairs
Failure by the Client to follow our reasonable recommendations, instructions and advice offered prior or post-repair
Any losses you may suffer arising from failure to use anti-virus software
Any loss that could not reasonably be foreseen
Damage resulting from viruses or other malicious software that may have been transmitted during servicing or repairs and therefore escaped detection

Full payment is due upon completion of servicing, upgrading, or repair. Paying after collection is not an option we offer. We accept most major Credit/Debit cards, cash, or bank transfers. We do not accept American Express or cheques. 
Unless otherwise specified, we will appropriate the faulty or old part for commercial purposes. This is used to help us reduce costs and offer you competitive prices.
Apple how now introduced Display Messages for serialised parts, this means that post repair you may notice a message warning you that the parts we have fitted are not genuine. Even if there is nothing wrong with our high-quality parts this message will still be displayed, without access to apple software verification tools the message cannot be removed. The message will be displayed on your lock screen for 4 days post repair, then in settings for a further 15 days until it finally moves to the about section in settings. This warning does not mean there is an issue with your phone or the parts we have fitted, its simply because we cannot get access to apples software to turn it off. The iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and the 12 Mini will all be affected by this, If you have any questions about this please let us know.
Should you decide to post your device to us for repair please be aware that we accept no responsibility for loss or damage due to the courier or improper packaging. We recommend you use an insured and tracked service and that you post the item to us in the original box as this offers the best protection, should that not be possible please pack the item best you can. We will only ship your item back to you in the box you provide and will use DPD’s tracked and insured service. Howard Conrad assumes no liability in cases of damages during shipping.

If you require data transfer, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct product codes or any licensing for programs to guarantee activation.
If your HDD or SSD needs replacing, we will try an automatic data transfer. If this fails then a manual data transfer must be utilized to extract data by individually accessing files and documents, this will be done in a confidential and professional manner, but ultimately, we will have to go through your data to identify what can be saved. 
 It is your responsibility to inform us if your Mac is running Windows (Bootcamp or Parallels), failure to make us aware could more than likely cause issues with the repair and could result in the loss of your Windows data. We cannot offer data transfer for Windows Bootcamp or Parallels and as a result, cannot be held responsible for any loss. 
It is your responsibility to inform us of any liquid exposure to your device. If we are unaware, it may delay the investigation/repair or in some cases cause irreversible damage. It is essential to the repair process that we have a clear understanding of the device’s history so we can act accordingly.
In cases where an HDD or SSD is replaced and the data is transferred you will be required to reauthorise your licensed software via a license code or via logging in to your account. This is unavoidable as copying the license is an act of piracy, so although the program can be copied the license to use it cannot. Please factor this into your decision as you may have to purchase the software/license again to gain access.
Please be aware by signing you are agreeing to us installing software onto your Mac for testing purposes where necessary. We may also need to connect iOS devices to iTunes and other programs in order to test device vitals such as battery performance.

 When trading a device in we require up to 24hrs for testing and cannot offer a final valuation until this is completed. Payment can only be made via Bank transfer or in-store credit. Please ensure all bank details given are checked thoroughly before emailing them as we do not take any responsibility for any issues caused by incorrect account details. 
Upon request it is possible to lock your ticket and account with a password, which only enables someone with the password to access the information we have on the repair. If you would like to do this just let the technician know upon check in.

We are an independent repair centre focusing on Apple products. Notwithstanding this, please note that we are unaffiliated with Apple.
Our repairs may void your warranty with Apple, It is your responsibility to check this with whomever you purchased the item from.

£10 referral offer

We now offer a £10 referral reward for customers that recommend our services to friends and the amount will be paid via PayPal when the referred customer has paid their first bill. There is no limit to the number of new customers you can refer however this is limited to customers that spend over £35 with us on their first visit, it is also limited to friends only and will not be honoured for multiple family members living at the same address. We reserve the right to cancel this at any time.

Our £10,000 data protection guarantee.

We have always prioritised our customer’s data and valued your right to privacy, but we needed a way to show you how serious we are and also how much we trust our team of trained technicians. After some thought, we came up with our £10,000 data protection guarantee. It’s simple really, if you have an issue with data being stolen by us then we will gladly give you £10,000.

Please be aware that some repairs require our technicians limited access to certain data, this is impossible to avoid and is in the nature of some repairs, the technician will always act respectfully and remain professional.

Repairs that are software-based, require manual data transfers, or where you have an issue with any files obviously require the technician to access certain data discreetly where absolutely necessary. Data is never copied from the device unless you request it or if we are upgrading your drive (SSD or HDD) In which case we do keep a copy of your data on your original drive for 30 days before it is completely wiped. This is to ensure the correct transferal of your data and is treated as a grace period in case you have further issues, after the 30 days the drive will be completely wiped and written over using specialist software. before being recycled. If you would prefer us to wipe the drive immediately, please inform a member of the team.

Our in-house 7 step process to keep your data safe:

Highly selective recruitment process.

In-depth personality profiles for all team members.

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks on all team members.

Immediate dismissal under contract for any instance regarding misuse of personal data.

Technicians are extensively trained and monitored by multiple senior team members and managers.

CCTV covering the whole office, specifically repair desks.

Secure storage of devices while on the premises.


On top of these measures, the biggest point for us is that we simply just don’t care about what’s on your device. We process thousands of devices a year and we don’t see the feel the need to undermine all our hard work by stealing your data, we would rather concentrate on improving our amazing customer service!

This guarantee only covers data on devices repaired by ourselves, you need to be an existing customer and must have signed this form. We cannot be held responsible for any devices and subsequent data stolen during a break-in or damaged during a fire, we have taken all the necessary steps to avoid this though with our highly secured premises. This guarantee only covers the data stored locally on the device, and does not extend to devices that our sent to our external repair centres, although they abide by the data protection act and are fully GDPR compliant devices repaired externally are not covered by this guarantee. 

This guarantee does not cover the viewing of data as stated above this is unavoidable in certain situations and by signing this form, you agree to the access of data when absolutely necessary.

Please be aware that all allegations of data being stolen will be taken very seriously, a full-scale investigation will be launched in order to ascertain the truth, and any false claims suspected to be malicious in nature will be perused to the fullest extent of the law.

Should you have any concerns about this please ask a member of the team.

GDPR Policy

Reference to the terms “we”, “our” and “staff” refers to Howard Conrad Group and its constituent parts.

A recent EU directive, the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’, mandates that consumers should have greater control over their data and a chance to review how it is being used. At Howard Conrad, the security of your data is a priority, used for the sole purpose of aiding our internal repair processes and to ensure customer satisfaction.
We record all incoming and outgoing calls for training and security purposes.  

The data that we store includes names, contact details, and specific device information including but not limited to the serial number, password, and condition of the item. We may from time-to-time send out marketing emails, if you would like to opt-out of this please inform a staff member. We will never store any credit or debit card information; we do not share your data with third party businesses except where permission is explicitly granted.
We use third-party software to track the status of a repair and the respective details of the device and customer. Upon creating an account with us, your data will be stored online for the aforementioned purpose, allowing us to maintain an efficient level of service.  This software is hosted by Amazon web services.  Amazon continually manages risks and undergoes recurring assessments to ensure that it meets – and even exceeds – industry requirements. We reserve the right to periodically make local back-ups of this data, stored securely on an encrypted drive. 

All our staff members respect the private and sensitive data that may be stored on your device. Each member of staff is required to sign and comply with an internal data protection policy. Compliance is mandatory and frequently checked. The policy includes only opening personal data where needed to complete the given repair process. Where we are unsure, the customer is first consulted for permission.

If your repair involves an SSD, SSHD or HDD, the data stored on your redundant drive is preserved for 30 days. This is a precautionary measure, should any data be required post collection of the new drive. After the 30 days, the data is completely wiped and written over using specialist software. This ensures the data is not recoverable. If you would rather the data be wiped immediately, please ask a member of staff. However, we cannot be held responsible if data is lost as a consequence.

Occasionally, we will use partner companies to assist us in completing the repair. Where this is the case, we will always inform you beforehand of our intention to do so. The names of partner companies are not disclosed, as is our right to maintain trade secrets. We do, however, take measures to ensure the protection of your data in these circumstances. If there is an external repair, internal storage is stored at our repair centre and all customer data is removed first. We are also working to ensure our partner firms adhere to the same strict standards we do and are GDPR compliant, they may occasionally require a passcode to carry out testing on the device, this is unavoidable. 

We aim to be as transparent as possible regarding your information. Our intake process gives you the option to remove part or all of the data we hold (The Right to Erasure). If you are interested in this, please mention to a staff member.
Please be aware we record all incoming and outgoing phone calls, conversations that take place in out wating room and have CCTV recording at all times. This is done for training and security purposes.

These terms and conditions are subject to change and any time without prior notice to you and do not affect your statutory rights.